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[client] Update translations (English)

Currently translated at 100.0% (1883 of 1883 strings)

Translation: Iceshrimp/locales
Translate-URL: https://translate.iceshrimp.dev/projects/iceshrimp/locales/en/
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Pyrox 2023-11-27 21:39:00 +00:00 committed by Weblate
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commit 45444a4196
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@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ onlyOneFileCanBeAttached: "You can only attach one file to a message"
signinRequired: "Please register or sign in before continuing"
invitations: "Invites"
invitationCode: "Invitation code"
checking: "Checking..."
checking: "Checking"
available: "Available"
unavailable: "Not available"
usernameInvalidFormat: "You can use upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores."
@ -523,7 +523,7 @@ joinOrCreateGroup: "Get invited to a group or create your own."
noHistory: "No history available"
signinHistory: "Login history"
disableAnimatedMfm: "Disable MFM with animation"
doing: "Processing..."
doing: "Processing"
category: "Category"
tags: "Tags"
docSource: "Source of this document"
@ -813,7 +813,7 @@ myTheme: "My theme"
backgroundColor: "Background color"
accentColor: "Accent color"
textColor: "Text color"
saveAs: "Save as..."
saveAs: "Save as"
advanced: "Advanced"
value: "Value"
createdAt: "Created at"
@ -1689,8 +1689,8 @@ _poll:
canMultipleVote: "Allow selecting multiple choices"
expiration: "End poll"
infinite: "Never"
at: "End at..."
after: "End after..."
at: "End at"
after: "End after"
deadlineDate: "End date"
deadlineTime: "Time"
duration: "Duration"
@ -1716,16 +1716,16 @@ _visibility:
localOnly: "Local only"
localOnlyDescription: "Not visible to remote users"
replyPlaceholder: "Reply to this post..."
quotePlaceholder: "Quote this post..."
channelPlaceholder: "Post to a channel..."
replyPlaceholder: "Reply to this post"
quotePlaceholder: "Quote this post"
channelPlaceholder: "Post to a channel"
a: "What are you up to?"
b: "What's happening around you?"
c: "What's on your mind?"
d: "What do you want to say?"
e: "Start writing..."
f: "Waiting for you to write..."
e: "Start writing"
f: "Waiting for you to write"
name: "Name"
username: "Username"