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neoQWERTZ - macOS keylayout

Continuing the work from 0bstinate, this fork attempts to fix the remaining neo2 remnants in neoQWERTZ. Many layers and states are unchanged from the original neo2 bindings in the upstream keylayout file, resulting in an incorrect keymap.

Once this project is finished, a PR will be created to merge with upstream.

Known issues:

  • Layer 1 and 3 - symbols on keypad mismatched from upstream (Ebene 2)
  • Layer 5 and 6 - numpad empty, see upstream Ebene 3,5,6
  • Layer 5 - mismatched from upstream (Ebene 5; what about Ebene 6?)
  • Layer 6 - caps+opt - identical to layer 4
  • Layer 7 - cmd - was sliiightly mismatched from layer 0
  • Layer 8 - ctrl - one key was mismatched
  • Layer 9 - shift+ctrl - identical to standard QWERTZ
  • Numlock key action should be different on all layers (tab on e1, reverse tab on e2, equals on e3, symbols on e4,5,6)
  • fix diacritics
  • fix compose