C# software to manage custom archlinux AUR repos https://repomgr.zotan.services
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This software allows you to automatically manage any archlinux repo with git repos as source.

Important info:

libgit2 links against openssl1.0, so make sure that is installed.


First, initialize your repository using repomgr /path/to/data init /path/to/repo repo

Next, add a package. repomgr /path/to/data add <package>

Then, build the package and update the repo. repomgr /path/to/data update <package>

Now you can list your packages using repomgr /path/to/data list

If you want to automatically update your packages, set up a cronjob for repomgr /path/to/data update-all.

You can also remove packages using repomgr /path/to/data remove <package>

In case you want a webinterface to view the status of the builds, check out repomgr /path/to/data daemon. You can change the port with the environment variable ASPNETCORE_URLS. For example, to change it to port 5777, use ASPNETCORE_URLS='http://*:5777' repomgr /path/to/data daemon